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EMDR Consultation

After completing my EMDR certification, I realized that I loved talking about this powerful therapy with others.  The process of consultation not only enhanced my learning and confidence, but it made me excited about the work we do.  I decided to pursue Consultant status so that I could share that excitement with other therapists and continue to challenge myself and my learning.  I am a Consultant-in-Training learning under the very experienced and knowledgeable Approved Consultant, John Roche of Transformation Counselling.  

Consultation after the completion of your EMDR basic training is an excellent way to enhance your confidence in utilizing this therapeutic modality and incorporating it into your practice with clients.  

If you are planning to pursue Certification with EMDRIA, you require 20 consultation hours.  Up to 15 of those hours can be provided by a Consultant-in-Training.


Individual Consultation   $100/hr


**currently I am only offering individual consultation.  In-person group consultation could be available with a minimum of interest of 3 participants**

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