Fertility Issues & Pregnancy Loss

You can do everything right, but sometimes things don’t go the way you want, and that’s not your fault.


When are you having children?  Just relax and it will happen!  You must be having sex wrong.  Everything happens for a reason.  Why don’t you just adopt?  You’ve heard it all, right?  And probably smiled kindly, all the while wanting to run away and scream in frustration.

Trying to build a family while struggling with fertility issues is an often lonely journey filled with well-meaning, yet excruciating questions and unsolicited advice.  Compounded by endless pregnancy announcements and social media posts of happy families, that make you question why can’t you have what others seem to come by effortlessly.

As a proud momma to my IVF miracle and infertility warrior, I know that this journey is pain-filled, confusing and exhausting.  Having a space where you can be honest, authentic and candid about your experience can provide the mental relief you need to keep fighting, and support to help make the difficult decisions that often accompany this battle.

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