The Grief of Infertility

In the spirit of “Infertility Uncovered”, this year’s Canadian Infertility Awareness Week theme, I’m sharing an excerpt from a blog post I wrote many moons ago during my own battle with infertility.  It makes me happy to see that so many people are telling their infertility stories now.  It really wasn’t such an open topicContinue reading “The Grief of Infertility”

Coping Through the Holidays

It seems that as soon as we’re finished gorging ourselves on Hallowe’en candy and have thrown out the rotting pumpkins, Christmas throws up all over everything.  Sparkling lights, jolly elves and reminders of how we should all be merry, bright and grateful for the season. But what if the holiday season is anything but merryContinue reading “Coping Through the Holidays”