Individual Therapy

“What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human.”

~ Brene Brown

Sometimes we just need someone to witness our struggle – to provide validation and maybe insight.  To help us see things with more clarity or objectivity.  People often come into therapy after something very upsetting or overwhelming has happened and they seek support, coping strategies and resolution.  Therapy can help you challenge negative thinking patterns and work through complex emotions.  Other people come into therapy with a goal of personal growth and the exploration of self.  Therapy can help you explore patterns of behaviour, sort through family of origin issues and relationships, set stronger boundaries and develop goals for the future.  

Whatever the reason, individual therapy gives us the opportunity to show up as our messy, imperfect, authentic and vulnerable self and have another non-judgemental human hold space for us while we journey through the next chapter of our lives.